Colorado Housing Counseling Coalition
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About Us

About Us
Colorado Housing Counseling Coalition (CHCC) member agencies help people improve their housing conditions and meet the responsibilities of homeownership and tenancy. Among the many services the member agencies provide are: pre-purchase counseling, foreclosure prevention counseling, housing consumer education, debt management, and reverse equity mortgage counseling.

CHCC has staffed the Foreclosure Prevention Hotline, held free seminars for potential homebuyers and distributed brochures promoting the availability of housing counseling all in an effort to continually educate the public about housing.

Membership dues are based on the type and size of organization. Note: Dues are subject to change.

  • For Profit Membership:
    Each individual member of the corporation shall pay dues in the minimum amount of $50.00 per year, with no maximum contribution amount.
  • Not For Profit Membership:
    An Agency is an organization with up to 3 active members. An agency member shall pay dues in the minimum amount of $50.00 per year, with no maximum contribution amount. An agency member can include, but is not limited to: HUD approved housing counseling agencies, other housing counseling agencies, businesses, lenders and other interested entities.
  • Patron:
    An Individual or organizational contribution to the Colorado Housing Counseling Coalition. The minimum contribution shall be $100.00 per year, with no maximum contribution amount. Contributions would be tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Lifetime:
    The Coalition may choose to honor a member by electing such a member to lifetime membership. No fees are required of the lifetime member.
How to Join
  • Please fill out the form and mail it with the appropriate dues to our CHCC Treasurer.
  • Note that as a member you will have access to the Membership list of all CHCC members. This list is password protected and accessed through this website.
  • CHCC Application Form click here

Colorado Housing Counseling Coalition (CHCC)

  • Promoting Financial Education to Prevent Predatory Lending
  • Helping to Stop Foreclosure or Assisting with Loss Mitigation
  • Helping First-Time Home Buyers

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